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David's Aussie License Plates!

Here is a list of all the plates I currently have for sale or trade. Enquire with me as to what plates I may be after for a trade. International buyers please quote the plates you would like and your country and I will get back to you with postage costs. There are 3 options, Air Mail which generally take 3-7 days, Economy Air Mail which can take up to 3 weeks and Sea Mail which can take 2-3 Months.

Australian buyers must be member of NPCC (Number Plate Collectors Club of Australia) If you are not a member and would like to collect plates, visit for information about joining up.

Have a browse through my available plates and email me here. If you have any requests for Australian or international plates I would be happy to see what I can arrange and will get back to you.

Prices may vary depending on what I pay for the plates.

I also collect plates, I stopped collecting for a few years but feel free to browse some of my collection, I have a long way to go before I get anywhere near as many as I had!

Click here to view my available plates for sale!

I accept

safe and easy way to transfer funds from your credit or debit card

Click here to place an order via my online order form (you will need an ISP email address for this as opposed to hotmail, yahoo etc..)

Click here to view some of my collection!

Meanings explained.
F Fair condition Very rough plate good for an outside fence maybe!
G Good condition very well used plate
VG Very Good Used condition and shows wear but displayable
VG+ Very Good few scratches and wear
Exc. Used plate in near perfect condition
Mint Unused plate no scratches

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Last updated June 5 2006

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